The Indian Ocean tsunami killed an estimated 2.9 lac people and received extensive international media coverage. In contrast,the tsunami of CAD is killing more than 3 lac people every 2 months in India alone without any coverage in the media or due attention from health authorities.

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Lack of thinking or Wrong thinking before acting or reacting leads to heart attack

- Bk. Dr. Satish Kr Gupta.

Imbibe Virtues in the Soul to make Powerful and Inspire Others in the Society to make Beautiful

- God

The Pure Heart is the Residence of God

- Rajyogini Dadi Janki ji.

''When I relax and 'go with the flow', everything seems easier.'' From 'The Heart of Well-being: seven tools for surviving and thriving'

- Janki Foundation.

The WCCPCI - 2016 aim to provide a platform for cardiologists and lifestyle experts to extrapolate upon why this   killer epidemic is occurring and what more can be done to curb it.

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